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Mandala Wellness is all about making the small changes in your wellness & lifestyle that make BIG differences in the pursuit of your goals. The Mandala Wellness mission to is make chronic stress, anxiety, and pain a thing of the past in your life.

In a world where health care becomes continuously confusing and disempowering, the need for easily accessible therapeutic services and education grows. Mandala Wellness is about the simple things that you can do to start feeling better today, so that your tomorrow looks bright.

All of our services from the therapeutic body work to our certification programs are based on 6 key areas of self-care: bodywork, mindset, breath, movement, nourishment, & rest, and revolve around a central point: you and your goals. No care is one-size fits all and each client and student gets individualized care based on what they seek to accomplish in and out of the treatment or class room.

Our students and clients understand that small changes over time gets them out of a downward spiral and moving towards a fulfilling life.


Mandala Monthly


It’s a monthly newsletter that is all about helping you grow with herbal advice, upcoming events, a monthly think piece article by your founder, resources and more.

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